• In the early 80’s various community groups developed a pilot project known as Nova jeunes.   They felt that there were little facilities and resources for local youth.  The success of this summer project eventually led to the creation of the   Maison de Jeunes de la Côte-des-Neiges Inc.

  • The Maison de Jeunes began running services in 1983.  In 1986 the corporation purchased a building on De Courtrai which is still used to this day for our programs.  In 1995 we began running a program for the City of Montreal called Jeunesse 2000.
  • Jeunesse 2000 services are offered at the Chalet Kent.  The City furnishes the Chalet to us in order to develop additional resources for youth.
  • The Maison has become an important resource in the area .  It is a constant battle to maintain our visibility and support from individuals and groups because of the informality of our services and our limited resources.  It is for this reason that we must insure that the quality of our services remains high and faultless.
  • Some would believe that youth should not be given as many opportunities in relation to their recreational time and that structure is the only way in which to prevent delinquency. We counter this notion and maintain our staying power by being visible in the community by sitting on a number of tables and committees.  We equally incite our youth to develop innovative projects and to become involved within their community.


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